Pay Your Producer is the official store of Producer Future Proof.

We strive to change the game of selling quality rap beats and instrumentals. Buying beats has been flooded with all kinds of games and complications. The standard today is to purchase a lease that gives you somewhere between 1000-3000 commercial sales rights. What if you need more, what if you need less, what if, your song doesn’t sell 10 copies?

We strive to level the playing field and give everyone access to our beats and instrumentals. We offer “Pay what your want” pricing. We had to start it out at $2.00 because of credit card and PayPal fees but for every $1.00 you decide to pay we give you 25 commercial sales rights. So for the $2.00 starting price you get 50 sales rights, plenty to get started and see if the song is going to be successful.

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